What is real estate photography and why do you need it?

These before and after photographs are a simple but powerful illustration of why professional photography is so important:

The essence of professional real estate photography is that it attracts many more potential home-buyers and rental clients than the amateur approach. With 92% of home buyers/renters using the internet as part of their home search, professional photographs are a critical factor in how much a property can be sold/rented for, how quickly it's snapped up and whether it's snapped up at all! The key element in selling or renting a property these days is about making it immediately attractive online. A property that looks good online will attract more potential buyers and renters. Professional real estate photography is the most powerful instrument a buyer or renter can use, but it is also the most ignored and overlooked tool. Why? Because most agents and clients think that having a photographer come to take photographs is expensive and pointless. They're under the impression that average, standard pictures will sell or rent the property. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Hiring a professional photographer is the only guaranteed way to get ahead of the competition. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to stand out from the crowd! High impact, “That's beautiful!”, photographs can give you that edge, and it's been proven to work. Importantly, professional photographs make you look professional. If you take your marketing strategy seriously, buyers and renters will, in turn, take you seriously. The importance of quality photography to attract potential buyers and renters, and to add value to your asset, should not be underestimated. 

So why do you still see so many terrible pictures of properties? It sounds like a no-brainer to hire a pro, right? Well, the cost also plays a part. Most people think it will set them back hundreds just to get a trained photographer in, but times have changed and it's really very affordable. In fact, when you think about the premium to be made from selling or renting a house, the price of the the professional photography which enables this gain is but a tiny percentage of the additional income!


Another part of the problem is that many people think that only mansions with sprawling gardens or penthouses with stunning sea views  benefit from professional photography. In reality, those smaller properties need it more than a luxury 6 bedroom house! Studios, one-bed apartments, student accomodation etc all reap the rewards of well lit, well proportioned photographs. 


The next issue is equipment. Smart phones work wonderfully well for Instagram and Facebook updates, but do little to portray a house in the right light. Photos taken with a phone are always grainy, crooked and dark... A room that is usually airy and bright is transformed into a troll's dungeon with an iPhone! The right camera, lens, lights, and accessories in the right hands are the only tools that will do it justice.